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This website was created as a hub for topics about investing, technology, and for contacting me.


My professional passions in life are business & investing. I first had a pape route as a young boy, which was both fun, challenging, and real work. I woke up early every day to deliver my route make sure that the paper got as close to the front door as possible. I also had to task of collecting payments and dealing with minor customer service issues. It was a great experience.

In high school and college, a great friend of mine and I developed a business involving tropical fish. We setup far too many fish tanks, traded fish, bought fish, and from time to time found a bunch of babies swimming around our tanks. It was a lot of fun, but it didn't end well.

We had a major mishap that lead to all our most expensive fish dying, and this led to use shuttering the business. From this I learned several valuable lessons. The most important life lesson I learned is that, some things cannot be repaired or mended. I learned this as I stared at a tank full of expensive and deceased fish. I was so upset, but there was nothing I could do to fix the situation or go back in time. The lesson I took from this, was to put in a lot of effort to make sure that things are done correctly the first time. I also took away from this lesson, the understanding that relationships sometimes cannot be mended, and they are simply learning lessons. I found that I learned to put extra effort into all my relationships with business and personal to ensure that I've done all I can in a situation. I always put forth the best effort to communicate, present with honesty & integrity, and work for the benefit of all involved parties.


For more than a decade I ran a small technology company. I founded the company just around the time of the dot-com-burst, which arguably wasn't the best time to be founding a business. But it was another learning lesson, where I took from this experience the drive to succeed at all costs. I developed a never give up mindset, that I carry into many different parts of my life.

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