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Equity Blended Strategy

I manage All Cap Equity Blended Strategy portfolios for clients at Robert Bender & Associates, in Pasadena, California. This strategy is created by blending multiple strategies into a single portfolio. We typically blend a Growth Strategy with a Core Strategy. The Core Strategy is commonly a basket of stocks that pay a high dividend, grow at a slower rate than a growth stock, is larger and more mature than a growth company, and typically are a mid or large cap stocks.

Characteristics of a Blended Strategy

A blended strategy will be a combination of two or more equity strategies:
  1. Can include Growth Stocks
  2. Can include Value Stocks
  3. Can include Core Stocks (larger companies paying a healthy dividend)

Additional Blended Strategy Considerations

A blended strategy can provide an investor with a combination of different strategies for investing into stocks. This type of strategy can limit the risk of choosing a single equity strategy. Often either value or growth stocks can outperform the other strategy over a specific time period. So, by using a blended strategy, you can earn a return that will be a combination of multiple strategies.

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